Online PR

We Understand That Media Moves Faster Than Ever

As a PR firm we understand the changing media space and take full advantage of the opportunities it presents for our clients, supporting client goals with user generated video contests on social media, exciting online discounts and promotions, creating web-based media stunts and more.

Every Start-up Needs a Great PR Strategy
Are you an entrepreneur or running a start-up?

We know how tough it is to meet your goals with a limited budget and staff strength. However, with an on-point PR strategy, your business can transform from being little-known to a brand that is loved, trusted and in hot demand.

The Whach House Media Team has come up with a bundle package comprising Public Relations, Publicity, Content Marketing, Social Media and Online Marketing tailored to meet specific needs of start-ups and SMEs.

We specialize in marketing communications services for start-ups, emerging companies and established organisations.

We can play two roles for our start-up clients:

1. We can help you develop corporate brand, product messaging, market positioning and cost-efficient strategies.
2. We can be your outsourced communications team, helping with everything from social media to website to media relations, trade show preparations, internal communications and capacity building through process improvement.

We don’t use off-the-shelf cookie-cutter communications programs. Tell us your goals, give us a budget, and we’ll tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

Lets us work for you

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